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​Our preschool has evolved, it has changed with the times. If you don’t change with the educational process, you get left behind. In the beginning, it was more socialization for 3 and 4 year olds than anything. It was fun and games and snack time. But no more!!

We encourage learning using different tools. For example: If we are learning the letter G, we will first practice writing the letter in our workbooks at one center, then we will move to the next center and group objects that begin with the letter G. At the playdough center the students may form the letter G with the clay. At the reading center they will have books that are geared toward the letter G, “Giraffes Don’t Dance.” At circle time, the children are asked to find something in the room that begins with letter G. We even have snack time with the letter G, grapes, granola etc. The next day we will use different methods to reinforce learning the letter G, making a Giraffe for a craft.

Craft time is not just about making crafts!! You know the song by Trace Adkins — “Just Fishin’”? ...She's doing almost everything but sitting still Talking about her ballet shoes and training wheels, and her kittens, and she thinks we’re just fishing…. The lyrics speak volumes. Well, that is what craft time is about at FPC Preschool. That’s why we are unique, a cut above. a boutique so to speak, we get to converse with the child, give them our undivided attention.
We ask, “Where do you think the eyes go on the giraffe? Where does the mouth go on the giraffe? What sounds does the letter G make? AND because we limit our class sizes, we get to have this valuable learning time ONE ON ONE.
Not in a group, not in a room full of 20 children, ONE ON ONE. This type of individual educational experience is what we are known for. Children are not at a hurried pace and when they get to kindergarten, they are more settled and so very eager to learn, like little sponges soaking up every bit of knowledge available.

But we do have competition in our 4-year old program — VPK, and unfortunately the competition is free. Thank goodness we still have parents out there who realize we are the best school in town and opt to spend the $200 a month for their child’s education. To quote one very satisfied parent recently, “You get what you pay for! And I know you taught my son to love to LEARN and he is now in gifted classes at Pt Charlotte.” We also know that there are parents out there who would love to send their child to our school but due to working 5 days a week, our program is just not an option, as other options offer daycare as well. We don’t offer daycare as we are a Preschool only, and that is our draw to parents who send their child to our school so their first exposure to school is premium. We also have working parents who would love to send their child to us, but just can't afford the monthly tuition PLUS daycare. If you are interested in donating to a scholarship fund to send a child to FPC Preschool, CALL ME. We still have a few openings for this school year, if you know of someone that has a child of preschool age, tell them to CALL ME.


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