The First Presbyterian Church of Arcadia, Florida, was founded on August 28, 1898. It was truly born in a storm. So severe was the weather on that hot summer Sunday that only five persons were able to gather for the organizational meeting of the church. Those five and they alone, constitute the charter roll of the church. On that day when the life of the church commenced, two were elected as elders and two were elected as deacons. The only one not chosen to serve in an elected office was the only woman present, Mrs. Sarah Green. Elders chosen that day were Dr. James MacFie and Colonel C D Douglas. Deacons were W H Shedden and Solon Evens.

The five met with Henry Keigwin (a minister who conducted a series of evangelistic services in the county courthouse a few years prior to the founding of First Presbyterian) and became members of the Presbyterian Church. Some might call Henry Keigwin the founding father of the Arcadia Church. Indeed, it was his labors that established Presbyterianism in DeSoto County, both here and in Punta Gorda, which was part of DeSoto County until 1921.

If one man can be truly called the founding father of Presbyterianism in Arcadia, it was certainly Dr. James MacFie. A practicing physician in Arcadia, and a native of Scotland, he had come to Florida by way of Canada. He was determined to have a Presbyterian Church here in Arcadia.

  For the  rest  of the story  “The church born in a storm was spared by the fire.

– Adapted from “To Be Continued….” a personal history of First Presbyterian Church, written by Rev. Ted Land.


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